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Sign Up for Free Weekend Food with "Filling in the Blanks"

Posted Date: 11/04/2022

Sign Up for Free Weekend Food with

What is the Filling in the Blanks Program?
The Filling in the Blanks (“FITB”) provides a weekend supply of nutritious food for children, commonly for Connecticut and New York students, to replace the school meals that children miss during their weekends or extended breaks from school. Each weekend food bag contains enough food for two breakfasts, two lunches, four snacks, one can of vegetables, 2 containers of milk, and a fresh piece of fruit.

How Does It Work? How Do I Enroll?
Enrollment is through online registration. Although it is recommended that you enroll at the beginning of the school year, the weekend meal program maintains open enrollment and families can register at any time. Please note that if you have more than one child enrolled in the program, each child will be given their own weekend bag of food. Each week items will be delivered in sealed bags that will be distributed to the children on Fridays. Use the following to register your child/children now!

Naramake Elementary School Registration Link

Does It Cost Anything?
This program is provided completely free of charge thanks to the generous support of private donors, grant programs, and established community partnerships.