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Meet our Team

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Mrs. Roman  photo

Mrs. Roman,
Curriculum Site Director

Ms. Miles  photo

Ms. Miles,
Front Office

Mr. JJ  photo

Mr. JJ,
Front Office

Mrs. Daignault  photo

Mrs. Daignault,
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Huber  photo

Mrs. Huber,
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Smith  photo

Mrs. Smith,
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Miranda  photo

Ms. Miranda,
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Guaglione  photo

Mrs. Guaglione,
1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Schmidt  photo

Ms. Schmidt,
1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Osterndorf  photo

Ms. Osterndorf,
1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Cubelli  photo

Mrs. Cubelli,
2nd Grade Teacher

Ms. Coridan  photo

Ms. Coridan,
2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Rosso  photo

Mrs. Rosso,
2nd Grade Teacher

Ms. Keating  photo

Ms. Keating,
3rd Grade Teacher

Mr. Hernandez  photo

Mr. Hernandez,
3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Muller  photo

Mrs. Muller,
3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Raver  photo

Mrs. Raver,
4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Imperati  photo

Mrs. Imperati,
4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Nastu  has no photo

Mrs. Nastu,
4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Sandler  photo

Mrs. Sandler,
5th Grade Teacher

Mr. Byrne  photo

Mr. Byrne,
5th Grade Teacher

Ms. Watkins  photo

Ms. Watkins,
5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mills  photo

Mrs. Mills,
Sped Teacher

Mrs. Anrico  photo

Mrs. Anrico,
Sped Teacher

Mrs. Fontaine  photo

Mrs. Fontaine,
Sped Teacher

Mrs. Harris  photo

Mrs. Harris,
Sped Teacher

Mrs. Polo  photo

Mrs. Polo,
Parent Coordinator

Mrs. Goutihidis  photo

Mrs. Goutihidis,
Gifted & Talented Teacher

Mrs. O'Brien  photo

Mrs. O'Brien,
School Nurse

Mrs. Duque  photo

Mrs. Duque,
Literacy Coach

Mrs. Aymerich  photo

Mrs. Aymerich,
Math Improvement Teacher

Mrs. Maurias  photo

Mrs. Maurias,
Reading & Writing Improvement Teacher

Ms. Lockhart  photo

Ms. Lockhart,
Band Teacher

Ms. Sheils  has no photo

Ms. Sheils,
Strings Teacher

Mrs. Krajeski  photo

Mrs. Krajeski,
Social Worker

Mrs. Garrison  photo

Mrs. Garrison,
Speech Teacher

Mr. Velez  has no photo

Mr. Velez,
School Psychologist

Dr. Metzger  photo

Dr. Metzger,
Music Teacher

Ms. Fisher  photo

Ms. Fisher,
Gym Teacher

Mr. Rivera  has no photo

Mr. Rivera,
Head Custodian

Mr. Derisme  has no photo

Mr. Derisme,
Security Guard