Breakfast and Lunch


Breakfast is available each morning from 8:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.
Students take their breakfast to their classrooms.


Your child has the option of bringing in a bag lunch, purchasing milk or purchasing a hot lunch. Hot lunch is served every school day, including half days.
Hot lunch can be purchased on Monday or the first day of the week for $11.00 per week. (Shortened weeks at$2.20 per day). Children may choose to bring bag lunches from home, in which case, milk can be purchased weekly at $2.50 per week or $.50 per day on shortened weeks.

Free or Reduced Lunch/Breakfast
If students qualify under the new Federal income criteria, they will be entitled to free or reduced lunches and breakfasts At the start of the school year, letters and applications for each student will be distributed through the Principal's office. Your application must be returned quickly for a speedy determination by the Principal.

Reduced price lunch is $2.00 per week (computed at $.40 per lunch).

Reduced price breakfast is $1.50 (computed at $.30 per breakfast).

All student lunches include: Skim Milk, 1% milk or lowfat chocolate milk, a vegetable selection/fruit choice.

You can add money to your child's lunch card at