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IB Primary Years Programme

What is the PYP?

What makes PYP schools unique is "how" students are taught, versus "what" students are taught. IB PYP schools strive to develop internationally-minded students who are able to understand themselves and others, fostering the attributes necessary to thrive within a global society. The PYP focuses on the development of the whole child as an engaged inquirer, demonstrating ownership for their learning both in and outside of the classroom. In the PYP classroom, learning is concept based rather than topic based, taking place through a Transdisciplinary lens. PYP Teachers also teach students multiple Approaches to Learning, so that students are equipped with the skills essential to becoming lifelong learners.

How does this compare to other students in Norwalk?

The IBPYP does not dictate what we teach, just how we teach it. Students at Naramake are still held to the same state standards that the rest of the district follows. They will also still take all the same state assessments in order to demonstrate progress. 

The organization of these standards may be slightly different, but grade level standards will all be met by the end of the school year.